Travelling with just an iPhone camera?

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Re: Travelling with just an iPhone camera?

Jkim7 wrote:

Hey guys,

So I'm in a dilemma.

I'm trying to make up my decision on getting a good mirror less (Sony A6000 / Fujifilm X-E2) or just travel with my iPhone. I just think iPhones these days (iPhone 5S and soon iPhone 6) takes good enough pictures to look on a computer screen and I feel it's hard to justify spending $1000 for a good mirror less when there really isn't THAT much of a picture quality difference between an iPhone and one of them. If I were to get a cheap mirror less, for example a Nex 5, I just feel like there's no point in having one as an iPhone 5S, in my opinion, can produce similar caliber images as one and definitely matches most point and shoots.

I still can't use a 100-400mm zoom on my iPhone and shoot birds in flight at 8fps.  Not to mention the high ISO, even on a 7D, is far & away better than anything I've gotten with an iPhone.

I just want some support haha. Do any of you travel with just an iPhone camera? I just feel like people bring these mirror less and DSLRs to travel and I'm wasting my trips abroad (going to Africa and India this year) by taking "measly" iPhone pictures.

I assume as photographers, many of you are also travelers.

Help me out here!!

I couldn't do it, but that's just me.  I couldn't stand being restricted to one focal length, slow focusing, no drive mode, lousy low light performance, no external flash support, no way to shoot to a removable get the idea.  If you're happy with that, that's ok; it's not for me.  It's not for me or anyone else to say what you should be happy with.  I get that some people don't want to carry a camera body and additional lenses and other accessories.


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