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lnbolch wrote:

While I would not answer "never", I would not advise holding your breath until the camera ships. With the 16MP X-trans doing excellent service across the whole product line, I see no incentive at this point to do a full-frame version.

We don't all have your limited requirements for IQ.  Some want better.  In fact, the Sony RX1 gives an exemplary display of what can be done with a fixed lens full frame camera.  The Carl Zeiss lens on the RX1 is extraordinary and having it customized to a full frame sensor is an excellent concept.

They are still aggressively building the X-Camera line from scratch, and in two years have an impressive array of bodies and lenses. I expect that filling out the line will take priority.

A multibillion dollar company can't do both?  Wow.  I guess Fujifilm wants to stay in the minor leagues then.

On the other hand, sales of digital cameras in general are declining. The market is saturated, and the cameras are so good that there is not the incentive to upgrade that there was half a dozen years ago. Among the naive, full-frame is somewhat of a holy grail, and I suppose Fuji might consider it as a sales gimmick perhaps with a highly inflated pixel count and at a high-price.

Fujifilm is very good at sales gimmicks such as the X Trans.  I am sure that their marketing folks can dream up another sexy name to suck in the masses.

I am sure that a lot of people who are more concerned with specifications than with photography would buy it.

You can be very certain that a full frame, fixed lens camera would perform better in every aspect, save size over the X100s.

That you are not unable to see this is not meaningful to to those who would like something better than the X100s.  Progress is not over now that there is an X100s.

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