Binoculars for S. Africa

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Re: Binoculars for S. Africa

OpticsEngineer wrote:

I use Canon 10X30 IS pretty regularly. I find the image stabilization to be a real help.

There is one small point to mention about IS binoculars however. When the IS is off, there are loose optics inside so the image more wiggly than a standard binocular. People kind of assume they are getting a larger benefit than they really are by comparing button pushed for IS versus not-pushed, no IS. But I do find when comparing regular binoculars of same power and aperture that have no IS to my Canon IS, I see more detail with IS. It is the difference of looking across a wide park and thinking "I wonder if that is my friend Joe over there" to being absolutely sure, "yeah, that's Joe"

Thank you. That's a very interesting observation.

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Cheers, Tony.

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