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Re: picture of the shutter mechanism

Nung wrote:

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Nung wrote:

Not necessarily true. Yes if you don't use the mech. shutter, it doesn't wear off. But the senor does! After all, it is just semi-conductor, however, how fast does it degrade and by what degree, I have no idea.

As far as I know the sensor does not "wear off". Being a solid state device it should remain fully functional without any degradation.

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No! All semi-conductors have a decay time. But that time is slow. We're talking about in the regain of a 100 year (more or less, 10-20 years give or take) but don't think that's true for cmos sensor. 1st for semi-conductor components, the semi-conductor material are all wrapped up with protective casings. So the decay mainly comes from the material itself and not affected greatly from the surroundings (weather, humility.....etc.). However, that's not true for the cmos sensor so I would expect it to decay in a much faster rate. Again, not sure of the time frame but just wanna to point out, do not have an illusion that the only part that might go wrong is the mechanical shutter.

While humidity does not have any affect on each semiconductor component, it has an affect on the junctions, soldering and the the external connections. Temperature on the other hand affects also the semiconductor internally, under the protective casing. That's why it is important not to overheat components.

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