Pre-wedding questions

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Re: Pre-wedding questions

Above and beyond equipment you need experience photographing people on location and specifically you need to learn how to mix natural light with off camera lighting. I'd highly recommend taking a few classes first. A good resource is photography clubs, local camera shops and, of course the web ("meetup" has groups devoted to photography and I have found classes in my area on that very subject.)

I'd buy a few good books on lighting too, and watch youtube videos (there are some good ones.)

You're also going to want to learn about posing people and about hand positions etc. Look for resources on portrait taking and on setting up wedding shots.  Posing two people is exponentially more complicated than posing one.

Those things will give you direction on what you need for very least a wireless trigger, powerful speedlite, light stand and umbrella. A reflector/softbox will allow you to control the light better indoors and give you a little more range outdoors. You'll want an orange gel to fit over the flash to match the warm glow of sunlight. The best aftermarket manual speedlite on the market now the Godox V850. It is powerful, fast and comes with a lithium ion battery pack. It works with the Godox wireless system so you can control the flash power from your camera. It is also sold as a Neewer TT850. Be sure to get the flash, battery and remote. You can by with one flash but you'll have more flexibility with two. Reflectors are nice, but tougher to use without an assistant.

Web blanket time. I have taken a few classes and am way ahead of you regarding lighting and portrait photography based on your questions. I wouldn't feel comfortable knowing someone was counting on me to capture an important moment like this. I would tell them I'd be glad to do it but suggest they also look into getting a professional. You do have the advantage of these not being an "event" so you can get in an extra session or two should something go wrong.

Good luck.

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