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Re: Pre-wedding questions

Flyinmotion wrote:


My friend asked me to shoot her pre-wedding photo. She knows I'm not a pro, but she wants us to have some fun and this is a cool project for me.

For my gear, I just got XT1 with 23mm and 2 batteries. I plan to get the 56mm lens late April. We plan to shoot their photo in second week of May.

Now, I need your help what I should buy or need for this shooting. Do I need off camera flash with softbox? On camera flash with Gary Fong diffuser is good enough? Any nice locations in the Bay Area for this type of event?

Thank you so much for your input!

How good is your technique?  Are you looking for more wedding photography specific advice?  Are you trying to master something specific like off camera flash or the use of modifiers or reflectors?

If you are looking for tips/books:

1. Scott Kelby's "The Digital Photography Book" parts 1 through 4 --- good bite size tips covering lots of ground

2. Niel van Niekerk's "On-Camera Flash Techniques for Digital Wedding and Portrait Photography" and "Off-Camera Flash Techniques for Digital Photographers" --- my favorite flash books.

3. Suzy Clement's "Wedding Photography: From Snapshots to Great Shots".  $10 eBook covering the basics.

If you need TTL flash for the Fuji-X, I'd buy the XF-42.  I own a couple of Gary Fong diffusers, but, found that they waste too much light for what you get.  I'd rather go with a demb bounce card, some gels with an easy to use gel holder, a Roque FlashBender, and a stoffen omni bounce.

Getting the flash off camera is very desirable, but, that can be hard if you are on the go.  I compromised by buying a small flash bracket (Demb's flash bracket) that is extremely light (7 oz) and gets the flash another six inches away and does bounce a bit better than just attaching the flash to the camera's hot shoe.  I also have the option of quickly dismounting the flash from the bracket and holding it with my left hand (connected by a coiled hots hoe extension cable).

The nice thing about the above modifiers and bracket is that they are all relatively compact and stores nicely in your camera bag.  Hopefully the ambient light is so good that you don't need the flash and modifiers in the first place.

Also buy a bunch of the slow discharging NiMH AA batteries and a good battery charger.  You'll also need more than just three batteries for your XT1.  3rd party batteries are so cheap, you might as well have a few spares --- say five.

Light stands or a telescoping pole with an assistant to manipulate it are the next level up.  By then, you might be staging things and go full manual flash with wireless triggers.  Not sure if you can get to that level in two months.  

Last tip:  consider a small white balance card or a fold-able grey card like Lastolite Ezybalance.  Auto white balance isn't always a great place to start if you don't have to.

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