Trouble for Nikon?

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Re: Trouble for Nikon? No, very big trouble!!

Rich Rosen wrote:

Its not only CNN and CCTV that is reporting this story. Reuters, Wall Street Journal, IndiaTimes are all reporting this story. Stock market prices for Nikon are to down 4.2% on Mondays opening in Tokyo. to a 5 week low. How relations between China and Japan have effected this situation is no longer mitigating factor. What photographers have been aware of since 2012 is now a major news story. I would say that Nikon is in very big trouble. Nikon's reputation is taking a big hit. The ability to raise funds in the market place and to sell to its customer will be adversely effected.

No doubt that Nikon's reputation is taking a hit. The damage is done and Nikon is to blame for not handling the situation properly from the very beginning. And yes, Sino-Japanese relationships aside. I don't think anyone is condoning Nikon's behavior.

And how they weather this storm is now what really counts. Just about every corporation has has had an episode with bad publicity and how they deal with it is what makes the difference (after the damage is done.)

However, the real story behind the story isn't simply defective cameras. This is the Chinese state run media doing what they have always done and that's to attack foreign corporations. The CNN article that the OP posted points that out very clearly: "China's state media have another foreign company in their sights: Japanese camera maker Nikon." Now all the other news agencies have picked up the report. But it ends up as "Nikon makes defective cameras and doesn't care" instead of "Chinese state run media is at it again." CCTV (the state run media) picks on foreign corporations every March 15 ("Consumer Rights Day.") The government has been doing this for a while now (State run media goes after foreign companies )

This isn't like a safety issue with an automobile or other appliance. It's about a poor decision on Nikon's part in handling the D600 issue (and ironically it's also about a camera model that doesn't even officially exist anymore and has been replaced by the D610.) Nikon made a bad call but China's state run media and state run industries are notorious for this kind of tactic and reportage. It's akin to Russian state run media explaining the current situation in the Ukraine.

Some people might revel in the stories of the failures of others (in this case, Nikon), but again this story isn't really about defective cameras. It's a much bigger issue that requires some critical thinking about a particular government's agenda and the problem with state controlled media. And so not everything is what it appears to be on the surface.

Okay, I've said enough about it. But I do hope people read more than one source when looking for answers, and take the time to decipher what might really be going on when they read something.....

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