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Bob Carstens wrote:

Guy Parsons wrote:

My favourite has switched from that to AfterShot Pro as my one to use now, OK for E-M5 but so slow to update and E-M1 not there yet. It was Bibble and is exceptionally fast to convert, results seem quite accurate in colours etc. Has plug-ins for some film simulations.

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I probably asked you this before, is there any difference between using AfterShot Pro and PaintShop Pro for the RAW conversions? Thanks

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Bob Carstens

AfterShot Pro seems to do the better job with more controls available. PSPX6 seems good enough for everyday shots, PSPX5 was OK as well but I found PSPX4 terrible.

AfterShot Pro was $29.99 at some silly sale time so got it, but had to wait a looooong time until they updated for E-PL5/E-M5, the E-M10 and E-M1 may take another year the way their glacier gallops along.

Harder for me to drive than Silkypix but slowly getting the hang of it, seems to give more accurate colours than Silkypix. A dumb version of Noise Ninja is built in plus there's a RAW noise reduction as well, but I tend to tread lightly with noise reduction, hardly using it at all. Extremely quick at conversion, no chance to go get a coffee while it runs a batch.

I recently paid for my updates to Qimage Ultimate and that now seems to have developed into a near full blown printer, RAW converter, edit and image management program so need to also have a compare with what it can do, I like the improved sharpening method that Qimage uses.

Yesterday the local Sydney newspaper in their photography column was full of praise for DxO as being the best thing in the universe, maybe so but I don't need that level of perfection for my stuff. "It's a Miracle" on 9th March at this address  http://dpexpert.com.au/ for the source article.

Regards....... Guy

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