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Re: Nikon 30-110 3.8-5.6 lens

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Can a Nikon 5T or any diopter work on the above lens producing good macro images?

You might be better off starting with the 10-30mm lens rather than the 30-110. It appears to be the N1 lens with the greatest native maximum magnification, or at least of the 5 that I have. At its best magnification (at 30mm) it gets twice the magnification of the 30-110 at its best (110mm) and the 10mm and 18.5mm, all of which are similar. The 6.7-13mm offers least magnification of the 5.

When at its maximum magnification (30mm), the 10-30m is at its optical worst (as the 30-110 is at its maximum). If that is a concern, you might try the 18.5mm. The 30-110mm does of course provide the greatest distance from your subject, which may be useful for insects.

I don't know why, but close up lenses seem to work better, that is magnify more, on longer lenses than shorter. I just did a quick and dirty test (meaning quality be damned) of the 10-30, 30-110 and 18.5 without and with a Marumi +5. I focused as close as the combo would allow on a US quarter. Here's the result:

10-30 @30mm

10-30 @30mm + Marumi

30-110 @110mm

30-110 @110mm + Marumi


18.5 + Marumi

So as you can see the Marumi makes a huge difference in magnification with the 30-110 @ 110 compared to either the 10-30 or 18.5, even though the 10-30 by itself has the highest magnification by itself. Interesting, huh?

That is interesting. I have had a set of close up lenses (+1, +2 and +3 dioptre) for years, and went to the extent of getting a step-down adapter just to use them on my N1 lenses, but in practice I have tended to reach straight for my 60mm AF D Micro lens (no AF on the V1) when I need to get closer than the 10-30mm will get without them, so I never noticed that effect. On mine, the +3 dioptre increases the magnification on the 30-110 so that instead of filling the frame with an aprox 12cm object, it fills it with a 3.5cm object, but only increases the magnification on the 10-30mm so that it fills the frame with a 4.5cm object rather than a 6cm one. You seem to get a greater difference than that, so I am guessing that your close-up lens is rather more than +3 dioptre.

However, the effect does not seem to be simply proportional to focal length. With mine, and I think yours too, the 18.5 gets a proportionally greater boost than the 10-30mm at 30mm, even though it starts far enough behind that it does not quite end up with a greater total magnification.

I will still probably go to the 60mm Micro for true macro, but I may now consider the 30-110, perhaps with my close up lenses stacked to give a total +6 dioptre when I need to have AF.

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