Do I need to go dual system?

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Re: Do I need to go dual system?

johnierebel wrote:

My thinking is a dual system route is the only real way to get resolution for landscaping & still get a couple of lenses from canon. I will just use my old rebel for general photography. D800E + rebel. on the up-side rumors say announcement April sometime on the 7D2. good luck

I hope the rumors are right about the 7DII, but I'm not waiting past May, and through another summer. If Canon doesn't dangle something in front of my nose I will spend my money elsewhere. I'm sure it won't hurt Canon's financial situation, and they'll do just fine without my peanuts 

I just revisited some D800 RAW files and I find it hard to not like 'em. I have a 24 inch wide printer and the D800 yields 204 DPI at 24x36. The 5D3 is 160 DPI. I've done plenty of 16x24 prints at around those two resolutions and I can see the difference.

And on my wide gamut monitor the extra DR appears to offer more than just extreme shadow lifting capability. In some quick experimentation there seems to be more to recover from the highlights too, and the overall image tonality seems to hold up better to processing. There doesn't seem to be anything to not like about the extra DR

I'll have to skip over to the Nikon forums to see if there is any speculation on a D900, but for now a D800 and 14-24mm just went on my short list.

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