Silly question about aspect ratio - do you shoot 4:3 or 3:2?

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It's actually a good question

I've gone back and forth on this. I shoot both a D800 and a GH3. For that reason I started out with my GH3 at 3:2 to match my D800. Later I changed the GH3 to 4:3 to gain the extra resolution. I have just decided to back to 3:2 though. What drove this decision has to do with making large prints for a showing. Most of my shots were from my D800. I wanted the lone GH3 image in the group to look the same, so I had to crop it at a 3:2 aspect ratio. I use every bit of the viewfinder when composing an image. In this case what I lost at the top wasn't crucial, but it did make me realize that I'm better off composing in 3:2 if that's where the prints will end up. One side benefit of using the 3:2 aspect ratio on my GH3 is that the entire surface of the LCD and EVF is used.

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