V3 , a user interface that cries out for customization but not getting it

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V3 , a user interface that cries out for customization but not getting it

Ok I can live with the limited DR, and perhaps even forgive the lack of lens but the V3 get me really frustrated ( not the camera, but the Mfr ). So here we have a camera that's suppose to be catered for the enthusiast. But the interface and menu system ( sa far as I read all about it, correct me if I am wrong ) is all about trying to take away the control from the actual photographer. Actually unlike others, I kind of like the extra grip and external EVF implementation.

But hey, let's figure , with that grip and the EVF I have what 4 control dial, 3 Fn button, the 4 way selector + OK button, and ; Oh and the Video ( red ot ) button also. Might be also include in there that F quick button. So I was wondering how can one best put use to all these .. well of course the answer is in customization but lo hold right, Nikon's fashion of customization is but a selection of 6 for the Fn buttons , and what of all these 6,

  • Exposure compensation
  • White Balance
  • Metering mode
  • ISO
  • AF Pont
  • Picture Control
  • Shoot Movie

Get me all shaking my head, Why do I need the Fn button to shoot movie when there is already a dedicated Video button ( and yet I cannot reprograme that Video button for something else ), and what's with all those dials ( even without the grip there is 3 ) ..

The way I see it Nikon should really put those UI element to good use by allowing the user to soft set whatever direct control to the dial for parameters that they need control , and the Fn button for more stright forward control of on and off ( or limited option type ) of parameters. Not this school of 6 which in itself do not made much of use of the UI and in fact in many case counter to productivity ( how come we need to push a button and turn the dial to set exposure compensation in any of the Auto mode when we can just turn a dial to do that that's pretty much standard on all enthusiast camera type of all fashion including Nikon's own, and where's bracketing )

For a start, what with just the 3 dial and the 3 Fn  + Video buttons we are already talking about ability to tailor a set of custom setting for say still and another set say for Video. And speaking of that Nikon should really implement some memory set into these ( they already have such for their DSLR ).

What's your take on this ..

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Nikon 1 V3
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