Trouble for Nikon?

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Re: Trouble for Nikon?

dmanthree wrote:

People have short memories and even shorter attention spans; people will forget about it in about 5 mins...

There have been far more significant defects in other products, cars that killed people, cribs that killed babies, food that poisoned people... it's a camera, every manufacturer has had problems with their cameras at some point.  I probably would have dealt with the problem the same way; have people send the camera in and deal with it each individual case as required while assessing the severity of the problem and working on a permanent solution if that's required.

I've worked on product problems that took may months to solve for what seemed like a simple problem.  You need solid data on the problem, you need resources to assess the data and you need an understanding of what's happening, not just a band aid that results in future problems.  The problem can be in the design, the vendor part, the assembly process, the packaging, and once you find it, then you have to figure out the best way to solve it.  In theory it seems easy, in practice it isn't always and I've seen several "easy" problems take multiple attempts that required additional product replacements.... that costs you money and it doesn't make anyone happy.

Unfortunately, you often don't have the resources to do it right the first time... which results in you spending much more time fixing the problem later, which results in you not having enough resources to do something else right the first time... unfortunately, timelines are often very tight and you can't do everything you want to do; that's extremely frustrating to product designers.

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