Why I want a G1X, and hesitate

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Re: Jay B - SL! to go with the G!X

c.hammett wrote:

Jay_B wrote:


I have been into photography as a hobby for 40 years, since I was a teenager. On a professional level, I also have a strong background in electronic imaging, image editing, etc. I can only attempt to empathize with you in your situation, not fully understand it. But, what I can do is tell you the following about my G1X experience:

  • I have owned a G1X since the first group was sold in early 2012. The G1X has exceeded my expectations in many ways
  • It is versatile, capable of producing very beautiful images, with excellent clarity and sharp detail in many varied situations
  • The JPEG color is outstanding to my eye without shooting RAW, however, the RAW files are 14-bit, giving you more control over the final output than less capable RAW cameras
  • It has enough controls and settings to give you fine control over your image capture and keep you engaged in learning both the camera and more about photography
  • I have shot good quality video with it due to the excellent lens, sensor, and processor, although it does not have manual exposure control in video

In the past few weeks I have been trying to acquire another camera to expand on the G1X or even replace it. I have tested Panasonic, Olympus, and Sony - all of which are very capable, none of which I decided to purchase. My G1X stays for now - I will have to add a new DSLR to get where I want to go. Bottom line - If you value image quality, control, reliability and using a well-designed tool to take pictures, you should be very happy with the G1X!

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Jay B.
"No...really...my camera made me do it..."

In response to your comment about trying to find another camera to compliment the G1X, I bought the SL1 and the 18-55 STM and then added the 18-135 STM ...a little redundant to have both, but I actually use both, but only take one when I travel.

I love the touch screen on the SL! and the very lightweight lenses which have super fast AF compared to my larger dSLR lenses for my 7D, and are quite sharp as well. This G1X / SL! combination has turned out to be a real blessing for travel. If you haven't checked out the SL! give it a try. It does everything that I actually use on my 7D. Great camera !


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Thank you for the recommendation Carolyn - Tony said the same thing. Wisdom in a multitude of counselors. I am heavily considering it...

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Jay B.
"No...really...my camera made me do it..."

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