Trouble for Nikon?

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Re: Funny fellow! Ha Ha!

T O Shooter wrote:

Leonard Shepherd wrote:

T O Shooter wrote:.

It's only the Chinese being foolish! I learned on here that the D600 issue is internet hype, and that everyone should just clean their sensors anyway.

Everybody should occasionally clean their sensor

Nikon are on record as saying the D600 problem is only occasional, and Nikon UK's MD is on the record as saying in the UK there have been very few D600 complaints.

You do not have to go far back on this and other forums to learn untrue claims that all 24-70's leak light and all 70-200's have internal peeling paint

I am not suggesting no D600's had a fault but I know 14 owners who do not have a fault. I looked at several "claims" posted on this forum and noted few "complainers" seemed to know what normal dust or liquid on a sensor was

I take the view that as anybody getting the occasional defective dishwater, printer, camera etc is entitled to a prompt exchange in UK, the EEC and USA the "99% of D600's have dust" type threads are almost as exaggerated as all 24-70's leak light and all 70-200's have peeling paint.

Oh yes, I fully realize it was only a very, very few D600s that had an issue. Stupid really, class action law suits, new 610 model introduced for no good reason, full, unlimited to anyone shutter warranty, for anyone who happened to buy, steal, pick up in the ditch, a D600. Ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous! And only a very few complaints. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.

Oh well, just another apologist. I am glad that NIKON get's it's butt kicked for that 'one' and I don't care if they are chinese, norweigian or from Swaziland.

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