Trouble for Nikon?

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Re: Trouble for Nikon?

dmanthree wrote:

Fogsville wrote:

"Trouble for Nikon?"

What's up with these threads and the misleading titles?

It's like those sensationalist titles used by HuffPost and the National Enquirer. Designed to draw attention but with content that actually has little to do with the title. DPReview is becoming the equivalent of the tabloid check out stand at the supermarket.....

Excuse me, but the title has nothing to do with the story I linked? The one where China is going after them for shipping defective products? You don't think that's trouble?


But specifically what kind of "trouble?" And is Nikon's health truly of interest to you as a non-Nikon user? Are you honestly concerned about Nikon's future and specifically how it handles its public relations? Or is there any personal agenda here? Otherwise, the post might have been structured in a manner that would be not so direct and instead more of a true inquiry. Sorry to be suspect, but it's sometimes not too hard to understand certain agendas. And it's just an observation of a style that seems to be more commonplace here. If you are truly interested, it would have been informative to hear some additional comments rather than simply 'tossing it out there.' Again, it could have easily been worded differently.

Anyway, I think it's an interesting story for all the reasons I've mentioned (take the time to read the above posts.) And I do appreciate that you posted the source. I realize DP Review is not an intellectual forum, but nonetheless there are some things said here that do sometimes motivate further analysis. And it would be nice if things were discussed in a broader sense and in respect to bigger issues that actually do matter (in a global scheme of things.) In this case, I'd argue it's not about Nikon per se, but about those things which reveal a bigger issue than simply a defective camera. However, I'd certainly agree that this may not be the appropriate venue to go any further with it. Although it certainly got me thinking. So thank you for the motivation!

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