Camera industry in crisis? Thought provoking article.

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Re: Camera industry in crisis? Thought provoking article.

David Hull wrote:

jrkliny wrote:

IMO, there are two very important issues. Cellphone cameras has gotten pretty good and continue to improve at a rapid rate. The dedicated point and shoot cameras just don't offer that much more capabiltiy. Secondly, DSLR improvements have been very slow. Canon has been stuck around 24 Mp for full frame cameras and about 18 Mp for APS-C cameras. Five years ago cameras like the 7D were really very impressive, but there is still no replacement. Sure megapixels is only one measure of sensor performance and is meaningless for some photographers (not me). Unfortunately Canon has also failed to improve dynamic range and high ISO noise. Canon is probably the worst example of stagnation in DSLR development, but the other manufacturers are barely ahead or also failing to advance. I expected to upgrade my camera body after 2-3 years but there has been no reason to do so. I should be on my second upgrade by now. There are only so many new DSLR users. Manufacturers need to make improvements to sell upgrades.

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Maybe you should look at it a little differently: From the sensor perspective, Canon developed pretty exceptional sensor technology and a workable implementation pretty early on -- about 10 years ago. The others have been playing "catch-up since then. In terms of actual "sensor" performance, there is reason to believe that they (the other vendors) have still not really closed the gap. If you look at the sensorgen results (or understand the DxO data correctly) it should be clear that the "sensor" is not Canon's issue -- their sensor technology is right up there with the best of them.

Their read noise (5DIII) is 2.4 e- and the DR is a about 14.7 stops. WRT the sensor part, what you are referring to as "stagnation" is probably a strong desire to not bother fixing something that is not obviously broke or for that mater something that cannot easily be fixed.

You can argue about the camera if you want but the sensor proper seems to represent as good an example of the state of the art as any others our there in terms of the parameters that you mention.

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Obviously you do not like my perception that DSLR camera development has stagnated.  So let us just say that the technology has matured and there are no major developments to be made.  I don't think that is the case, but the outcome for camera sales is the same.  There is no reason that most of us would want to spend the money on upgrading.

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