Sony A7R: What options for 24mm?

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Tim Devine
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Re: Another Canon FDn 24mm f/2.8 Sample

My CIECIO7 adapter is pretty close to hard stop infinity, at least with this lens.  I've read that registration distance accuracy is very important with lenses that have floating elements.  AFAIK the FDn 24mm f/2.8 has floating that very well may be an issue when using an adapter that focuses past (or much past) infinity.


osv wrote:

Tim Devine wrote:

Sony a7R
Canon FDn 24mm f/2.8
1/200 @ f/11 (ISO 100)

Still amazes me...


i'm equally amazed, and impressed, believe me! unfortunately not everyone out here understands... it's kinda sad, really... you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink.

my latest cheapo fdn adapter came in today, and finally i think that i'm starting to see the same flat fields with my fdn 24's that you are getting... it's been such a struggle, with all kinds of 24mm glass... the last little bit of extra infinity focus distance this new adapter allows appears to have made a significant difference.

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