Trouble for Nikon?

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Re: China asks Nikon to halt all D600 sales

Horshack wrote:

Fogsville wrote:

There's a much bigger story here than China's response to Nikon's debacle. There's some good reading about China's responses to foreign investments and sales within the border. Read about the Chinese car industry and their response to foreign automakers. It's pretty fascinating. Also with corporations like Apple, etc..

I'm not condoning Nikon's behavior with the D600 (and I'm a D600 owner), but Nikon is not in trouble because of Chinese perceptions of Nikon specifically. Sure it will affect sales but there's another issue going on here.....

Perhaps but if you read the transcript of the show they also held Alibaba to the fire for an unrelated issue (the Chinese e-commerce giant).

What's really interesting to me about that (and revealing too) is that Alibaba is privately owned in China and has just recently announced (today in fact) that its IPO will be set in the United States and that it's in discussion with 6 banks and none of them are Chinese banks (all are US and European.) So I think that says something about the Chinese governments feelings towards Alibaba in general. One really has to read between the lines with these news stories originating out of China.

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