Trouble for Nikon?

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Re: China asks Nikon to halt all D600 sales

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"Trouble for Nikon?"

What's up with these threads and the misleading titles?

It's like those sensationalist titles used by HuffPost and the National Enquirer. Designed to draw attention but with content that actually has little to do with the title. DPReview is becoming the equivalent of the tabloid check out stand at the supermarket.....

If anything the title is understated. News:

That's a repetition of the same story but told in a more sensationalist way. The world already knows about the D600 and Nikon's handling of the publicity. The world (although clearly not all of the world) also knows of China and Japan's distrust (and sometimes hatred) of each other and their long time historical (and territorial) disputes. The history of Japan is not a benevolent one in the eyes of the Chinese.

The D600 is no longer. It's been replaced by the D610. Nikon has learned a lesson in public relations. Nikon is not in "trouble." I can name dozens of big corporations which have had debacles in their lifetime. Some have had several. Nikon has learned from this one.

The reality is that Nikon may be in trouble due to the changing industry and slower sales of all things photographic (and all the other manufacturers aren't doing well either; but others are more diversified in their non-photo product portfolio.)

The title could have been: "China Forces Nikon to Halt Sales" instead of "Nikon in Trouble." "Nikon in Trouble" is merely an assumption and was used only to draw attention. And is a tactic which has become very common on these forums.

Nikon had $1.6B of sales in China last year, China is the largest emerging market on the planet, and reputation is of supreme importance to Chinese consumers. Nikon is in trouble.

There's a much bigger story here than China's response to Nikon's debacle. There's some good reading about China's responses to foreign investments and sales within the border. Read about the Chinese car industry and their response to foreign automakers. It's pretty fascinating. Also with corporations like Apple, etc..

I'm not condoning Nikon's behavior with the D600 (and I'm a D600 owner), but Nikon is not in trouble because of Chinese perceptions of Nikon specifically. Sure it will affect sales but there's another issue going on here.....

A good modern documentary to watch is Red Obsession. China has absolutely no problem at all with foreign goods as long as there is 'respect'. Lafite printed the Chinese symbol of good luck on their bottles and their reputation has never been 2nd since.

Red Obsession is about the French wine industry as a whole. I'm talking about the Chinese government and its affairs in foreign investments and imports. And state-owned companies account for 45% of the country's economy. And things are not all rosy in respect to being the so-called "world's biggest retail market." Fresh new signs of economic weakness in China

btw, if you're interested in the wine industry here's a much more smartly done documentary: Mondovino

As to your comment about Nikon executives "regurgitating in their mouths" about this publicity, I too also wonder what's being said behind the closed doors of Nikon headquarters. But I think the Japanese cultural phenomenon of “In Japan, there is a phrase: if something smells, put a lid on it,” said Shunkichi Takayama, a Tokyo-based lawyer who has handled complaints related to Toyota vehicles" NYT and Japanese business culture is a big part of this D600 'debacle.' Plus you never question your superiors. In Japan there is not much in the form of consumer protection laws; the corporation is always right.

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