Trouble for Nikon?

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Re: China asks Nikon to halt all D600 sales

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"Trouble for Nikon?"

What's up with these threads and the misleading titles?

It's like those sensationalist titles used by HuffPost and the National Enquirer. Designed to draw attention but with content that actually has little to do with the title. DPReview is becoming the equivalent of the tabloid check out stand at the supermarket.....

If anything the title is understated. News:

It's gone past just 'gearhead' news sites...but major news outlets and streaming headlines on regularly broadcasted bloomberg telecast at my work.

Are you familiar how news is 'gathered' in the modern age? I'm not implying that it's not a worthwhile story to read and digest, but "news" now comes in the form of "press releases" to the editorial desks (and the most common are corporations releasing 'information' in the form of "news.") For the most part journalists no longer investigate (except for a very few institutions which still employ actual journalists.) Stories are recycled from other sources, and in the internet age it's become ubiquitous (and is also how misinformation can become viral and 'factual.' And why there are sites like Mythbusters, etc..)

There probably won't be an investigation into the nature of the Chinese government (and Chinese state supported media) responses to outside corporations (like VW, Starbucks, Apple, etc..) doing business in China. And that's actually a much bigger story than Nikon's debacle with the D600.

On a more cheerful note, maybe the D600 will someday become a collector's item.

Great I know news is regurgitated...but the fact of the matter is speaking of regurgitation...the China debacle is making some Nikon exec throw up just a little in their mouth.

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