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Also, are you using the kit lens to take photos? Canon is notorious for having absolutely crap kit lenses. I know this from experience with 2 different Rebel DSLRs and the 20D. Every kit lens was VERY soft. If you have the budget, I'd look for a used Sigma 17-50 2.8f OS USM lens to replace your kit lens. You can snag one on KEH camera or ebay for $300-350. It has lens stabilization which helps, but it is also a decently sharp lens to boot, especially compared to the FUD Canon gives you in a kit.

AFAIK, the T5i is sold in kit with either 18-55 STM or 18-135 STM which are relatively new in Canon's lens lineup. There is no tests to substantiate that they are bad, and anyone claiming that Canon is "notoriuos for having absolutely crap kit lenses" has not been reading lens reviews or owned a newer Canon kit lens for the last three years.

The first, non-IS 18-55 kit lens was not stellar, but the lenses sold with the T5i are really OK, even more than that if you consider price. Teresa is not pixel peeping, and you are not helping her by introducing this outdated misinformation.

Good to know Canon has increased their quality in their kits for this day and age. I haven't tested a Canon kit lens in years because anytime I used a Canon body I didn't even want to waste the time to see if the kit lens was sufficient after so much disappointment, I would just slap on the Sigma or the Canon 50mm 1.4. I don't know if you ever used the lenses they used to package with their cameras, but those paperweights didn't do their cameras any favors.

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