Trouble for Nikon?

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Bigger deal than most people realize

reginalddwight wrote:

The D600 has become a real PR nightmare for Nikon. They should have fessed up WAY sooner, lest a cover-up model (D610) and at least 2 class-action lawsuits filed in the U.S.

The 2nd service advisory to assess and replace defective shutters of D600's (regardless of warranty expiration) is at least a start to regain goodwill among some consumers. However, for some the damage has been done.

Was taking lunch break and out of the blue on Bloomberg the headline scrolled by talking about how Nikon halted sales over 'defective' cameras in China.

Remember China is one of the most important emerging actually stressed upon a bit by Nikon execs during the interview.  People can continue to make bigoted remarks about stuff made in China, but no doubt it is a very important market.  Take a look at the Red Obsession documentary about fine wine.

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