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Re: What the hell is wrong with you guys???

MrChristopher wrote:

Gabor Esperon wrote:

Sorry I am going off a little, but I see this kind of sh*t everyday with about anything.

The OP asked for specific help and everybody went in full "wet blanket" mode shooting him down instead of giving really helpful advice. That's not the way to encourage and help someone.

First, you don't know what the arrangement between two friends is. Second, what makes you think he doesn't know the risks involved? And even if he doesn't, nobody, NOBODY, have ever learnt anything without risks and mistakes.

So if you want to help, please help him succeed by offering solutions to what he is asking for, that I think was very specific.

By the way, I remember I read this: a while back and found it interesting. Check it out.

EDIT: Just to clarify, the rant wasn't for everybody

What makes me chuckle are the responses from people who apparently never read the OP, yet they are giving him "advice". Just another day within a camera forum.

And OP, you have, what, two months to learn how to use a flash, right? Think about the Yongnuo (sp?) 560 II. You'll need to know how to use it in manual mode (don't let scardy cats worry you about TTL). The YN 560 tilts and turns so you can bounce light in most any direction you want, I'd suggest off camera on a stand. You could put one (or two) behind an umbrella (or two).

You said these were pre-wedding shots and you both want to have fun. Learn to use one flash without going too crazy over hardware choices and have fun.

I don't care for zooms either. That 56mm lens is reported to be magical, use your feet to zoom (you already know this). Cheers!

Thank you to suggest the Yongnuo 560II flash. I'll check out and yes, I can learn how to use it. Baby step, but I'm getting there.

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