Pre-wedding questions

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Thank you for your great samples.

Conrad567 wrote:

I would have a zoom handy, It saves time and really takes some pressure off. The 56mm will do a gorgeous job, but your usage will be limited. The extra wide angle of the 18-55 will allow for some real creative type poses. As for the off camera with a soft box. Absolutely if you are going to add some flash, but a couple of NIKON SB-28's and a shoot through umbrella will give a ton more power and open up your options. Also invest in a good ND filter, so that you can use your 56mm and 35mm wide open.

I don't like zoom lens. I like prime and love to move around to get my shot. And yes, I'm going to get the Hoya 62mm ND filter you mentioned in another post.

One last bit of advice, use a diffuser or reflector when you can. Using flash can be a tricky horse if you haven't use it a lot in the past. Plus set up for each flash shot will be much more work than you think. I usually try to shoot when the sun is lower in the sky...say 4-5 pm in the spring even as late as 6. Bright noon sun and portraits of ANY kind do not make for a happy customer or photographer!

I got it. BTW, I know Photoshop, but I prefer not to use it.

Good luck, we all start somewhere. AND YES THE EQUIPMENT MAKES A HUGE DIFFERENCE! Why else would Nikon be able to sell $6000 bodies and $2000 lenses. I have shot a couple of weddings with my X-pro1 and they have turned out fine, but I look forward to giving the X-T1 a whirl. Here are a couple of photos I took with my Fuji.

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