Trouble for Nikon?

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My maybe unpopular opinions;

Not sure whether to feel happy or sad about this amount of exposure Nikon received on CCTV... I might be displeased with Nikon due to my personal Nikon camera issues, but this has certainly taken it to another level of yet unknown severity. Akin to doing hyperspace travel to the outer-rim. Hopefully not another dark age similar to pre-"D3 glory:.

Based on another update news report video I watched regarding the investigations now being conducted in Shanghai, Nikon remains unapologetic & insists that all D-SLR cameras are susceptible to sensor dust & that the D600 is not defective. We obviously do not expect & is unlikely they will ever admit a manufacturing defect.

Also, it has become undeniable that numerous defects & issues are being underplayed by many apologists, but perhaps the populace of Nikon users are mainly old-faithfuls who believe strongly in the Nikon brand name. I can understand that totally.

Finally, I've heard claims that the shutter mechanism of the D600 is not made by Nikon themselves. Just as how multilayered the Msia Airlines MH370 incident turned out to be... I doubt the D600 issue is so simple & trivial.

Just like chinasmack... I'll provide some direct translations of what some of those interviewed on the video said;

"I thought it were a flock of birds, but it turned out to be black spots!"

"You find rat poop in your rice, you mean you'd eat it because it's JUST a few specks?"

"I've been here 5 times, it's this darned CMOS-old-dirty".

"China's smog is bad, dust isn't all that special you know..."

"You don't even get to see blue skies in Shanghai nowadays, and with that smog recently... yeah, it's inevitable."

"If you want zero dust go look for a clean-room."

"I didn't leave the service center, f11, 10 shots... TEN shots!"

"Don't shoot with the camera facing up! Once you release that shutter, dust falls in!"

"You've got high product requirements... take it back, rub, rub, rub, rub, rub, rub it... he thinks he has the patience, we're perfectly fine with that!"

"Exchange? No, no, no, why should we do an exchange? We don't have such product policies!"

"Sensor cleaning? That's not repair! You go somewhere and change tires & let's say you do a hundred chassis cleanings at the workshop, & you mean someone's gonna do an exchange for a new car for you?"

"Changing the shutter is a preventative measure... prevents the sensor from shedding dust."

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