Nikon 30-110 3.8-5.6 lens

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Re: Nikon 30-110 3.8-5.6 lens

Can a Nikon 5T or any diopter work on the above lens producing good macro images?


You need to find a close up lens that will focus closer than the min focus of the 30-110.

The min focus of the 30-110 is 1 meter

Focus Distance when lens is set to infinity:

Canon 500D: (+2 diopter) 19.68"
Canon 250D: (+4 diopter) 9.84"
Raynox DCR-150: (+4.8) 8.2"
Raynox DCR-250: (+8) 4.9"

Nikon 3T +1.5 (52mm) 10.125"
Nikon 4T +2.9 (52mm ) 7.25"
Nikon 5T +1.5 (62mm)
Nikon 6T +2.9 (62mm)

You will need a step up ring from 40.5mm to either 52mm or 62mm.

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