75 f/1.8 or 35-100 f/2.8 torn between the two

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Re: 75 f/1.8 or 35-100 f/2.8 torn between the two

Anders W wrote

Although I never shot 135 mm on FF back in the film days (I had 85 and 200), I must say I do find quite a bit of use for this lens. Very good for social event and street photography as well as for portraiture unless you are in close quarters (where the 45 works better). Good for landscapes too as well as for close-ups (within its normal range; it doesn't work so well with extension tubes or a close-up lens; I have tried). And a decent ability to get you some subject isolation by means of background blur even when shot at fairly low magnification. Look at some of Steve Huff's images here for example (some of those with the horses):


The 75mm is a great lens, that's easy to see. I think the 35-100 f/2.8 is also a very fine lens. That's really the dilemma, if you only can afford to have one or don't want to have too many lenses.

I think it's a question of 'magic' and 'utility' - i.e. the 75 is capable of capturing that something extra, but the focal length is more limiting..., but not indoors in low or available light.... I'm contradicting myself - it's the zoom vs prime thing, people say that zooms are more versatile, but the primes are more versatile light wise  as you can both use them in bright and lowlight conditions ...

so, that's why I'm torn ...

I live in Iceland, and what I'm really after is a good landscape lens, - for the coming summer -

people usually think about wide angle as landscape lenses, but I really like the longer focal lengths to compress landscape or to pick something interesting out...  that's why I have been leaning towards the 35-100 ...

I appreciate all the answers. The various comments help me to sort through my mind and eventually decide...

I plan to purchase one or the other later this week... the 75 is $899 at B&H, the 35-100 is $1020 on eBay...


best regards
from Iceland

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