Pre-wedding questions

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I would have a zoom handy, It saves time and really takes some pressure off. The 56mm will do a gorgeous job, but your usage will be limited. The extra wide angle of the 18-55 will allow for some real creative type poses. As for the off camera with a soft box. Absolutely if you are going to add some flash, but a couple of NIKON SB-28's and a shoot through umbrella will give a ton more power and open up your options. Also invest in a good ND filter, so that you can use your 56mm and 35mm wide open.

One last bit of advice, use a diffuser or reflector when you can. Using flash can be a tricky horse if you haven't use it a lot in the past. Plus set up for each flash shot will be much more work than you think. I usually try to shoot when the sun is lower in the sky...say 4-5 pm in the spring even as late as 6. Bright noon sun and portraits of ANY kind do not make for a happy customer or photographer!

Good luck, we all start somewhere. AND YES THE EQUIPMENT MAKES A HUGE DIFFERENCE! Why else would Nikon be able to sell $6000 bodies and $2000 lenses. I have shot a couple of weddings with my X-pro1 and they have turned out fine, but I look forward to giving the X-T1 a whirl. Here are a couple of photos I took with my Fuji.

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