Thinking of leaving Fuji

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Re: Thinking of leaving Fuji

zenpmd wrote:

What I am currently looking into is what to do for primes in the 28-35 range,

This is where Nikon crop falls down, and is why I moved from a D7000 to an X-Pro1.  There simply is no good solution for good DX primes on the wide end.  To me, the 14, 18 & 23 mm primes on the Fuji are reason enough to go Fuji, and the rest of the lenses just make it that much more sweet.

IMO, if you want to shoot DSLR Nikons with prime lenses, you need to go FF (assuming FLs under 50 mm equivalent are important).  In fact, if you compare the price of a D610 with a good range of 1.8 primes (say, 5-6 lenses), and compare that to an X-T1 with the equivalent lenses, the price is fairly similar.  The D610 is more expensive but the lenses are cheaper, as long as you stay away from the Nikon f/1.4 lenses.

Of course, FF is a heavy rig, and throw in even a single f4 zoom and the weight & bulk just goes through the roof.

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