Why I want a G1X, and hesitate

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Re: Excellent! - Great decision !

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Hi Russ,

I understand your situation and feel great empathy for you. But I have to agree with the above poster. Your remaining days and years are ticking away rapidly, and you are losing the few precious moments that you have left to learn and enjoy the camera and live. Sacrifice some and do it as quickly as possible and "seize the day". There are not a lot of them left.

The cost of the camera has pretty much bottomed out and after the new one becomes available, the prices will often rise again as supplies become less, and it becomes more scarce. I have seen this happen with almost every G camera. This will be a classic and a collectors item. If you want it you should get it now and start learning and using it.

Dale, you helped me decide. I will just get it and get started. Many thanks. And the same to Tony and all who encouraged me.

Russell, I believe you will be happy with your purchase. One suggestion, David Busch wrote a comprehensive guide to the G1X, I would encourage you to purchase it. It is one of the best guidebooks I have ever used. It will help you get the most out of the camera. You can find it on Amazon, of course. Happy Shooting!!!

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I agree with all of you, and especially with the O/P's comments.  I'm getting older too.... (well all are !), and currently still travel a lot , but I am beginning to understand and see the difficulties in foreign travel.  I have the G1X and SL1 (plus 7D and 50D and assorted nice lenses).  I have loved my G1X for indoor shots in museums, churches and in my home.  It has great colors in low light and the less than optimal OVF has gotten me some nice pictures in extremely bright light when the LCD was  impossible to see.  Since I'm not into action or BIF's, the slight shutter lag is no issue.  I am really happy that the O/P decided to go for the original G1X.  I'll bet he will be a happy camper... even at home ! :-). And go for the David Busch book Jay B suggested.  It is very helpful !

Cheers.... carolyn

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