Thinking of leaving Fuji

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Re: Thinking of leaving Fuji

As you consider leaving Fuji, I am 80% leaving Nikon for Fuji, keeping my D300 for tripod and bird work mainly.  There is nothing wrong with either of our choices.

From 1980 to 1995, I spent a third of my time on international business travel, passed my weekends shooting photos, drinking very good coffee, eating the occasional excellent pastry, and having dinners I still remember.  While taking the frequent long plane flight I had just enough room left in a 5" attaché case for lots of Kodachrome, a Leica body, and two lenses.  I moved slowly from scene to scene and, looking back, my pictures showed it.

The availability of the Nikon F100 (very reliable autofocus) and lots of lenses got me moving faster when taking photos and the D300 even faster until I started carrying too many lenses and other gear, something it took me a very long time to discover.  My pictures became technically better and less esthetically considered, something it took me years to discover.

Now Nikon mainly (almost all new DX lenses all seem to start at 18mm, made for kits, and where is the replacement for my 7-year-old D300 w/12MP sensor?) and peer pressure to less of a degree are telling me to move to full frame, a Nikon D610 at least, and to spend more on heavier FF lenses.  But I don't really care about the improved ability to shoot at night, I have long since learned to deal with the increased depth of field from a chop-sensor camera, and my 13" X 19" prints only need a small boost for my complete satisfaction.

A digital Leica outfit with the lenses I want would seem perfect now that I am retired and would cost roughly $20K, the same price as a decent small car.  I expect the X-E2 I am going to buy today will be 85% as good or better than the Leica and will cost 15% of the German product.  Just as important, I think it will return me to shooting slower and more esthetically--most important these days.  No, I wouldn't shoot a wedding with the X-E2, but I don't need to work that hard anymore.

Enjoy your Nikon gear!

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