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My friend asked me to shoot her pre-wedding photo. She knows I'm not a pro, but she wants us to have some fun and this is a cool project for me.

For my gear, I just got XT1 with 23mm and 2 batteries. I plan to get the 56mm lens late April. We plan to shoot their photo in second week of May.

Now, I need your help what I should buy or need for this shooting. Do I need off camera flash with softbox? On camera flash with Gary Fong diffuser is good enough? Any nice locations in the Bay Area for this type of event?

Thank you so much for your input!


This in not to be rude. Its meant as a general warning.

You probably feel honored because your friend asked you to take images of one of the most important days in her life. But you should ask yourself an honest question. Are you up to the task?

If you have never shot a wedding before its best to tell your friend to hire a professional IF she really cares about the images to cherish and if she want images that should make her feel happy in 10 years time to come as well. Wedding pictures should make her happy as an everlasting moment.

Not taking the pictures yourself also frees you up from the pressure that goes with the day and allows you to party as well. Why put your friendship at stake? - Because if you scr3w up, you might be blamed for it later on.

If she doesn't care about her pictures and just want some to be taken as a remembrance why should you invest in gear?

Photography is not about the gear you onw, its about being able to capture the right moment.

Thank you for your comment.

First, I enjoy doing this, no pressure and they don't have any financial hardship. It's all about I can learn something by doing this project.

Second, I'm sick with people keep talking about "it's not about gear comments" Please ask yourself why did you buy what you use to take pictures now? Why didn't you use $49.99 camera for your "hobby" and/or your professional projects? A cheap point-&-shoot camera is small, lightweight and it's perfect for your trip to Europe! May I ask what would you take with you then? X100 or $49.99 camera from Frys? Or You use your smartphone then?

It's a tool, but it must capable to get the job done right!

Thank you,

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