why samples are so different in comparsion to reviews?

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why samples are so different in comparsion to reviews?


I've been reading reviews and seeing samples to decide witch camera to buy.i like good quality images with beautiful colors and rich detail.I'm going to use camera for family,landscape and trip shots, not professional shots like fast sport or ...

after reading many reviews and considering how much i can spend, these are my options :

Fujifilm X-A1

Nikon D5200

Nikon D5300

i know x-a1 is so different than Nikon 5x00 , but D5200/5300 are very good cams in eyes of every review site and professionals, lots of options compared to X-A1 and i really like to buy Nikons


every sample i see in different sites are like this :

X-A1 colors are much sharper , much more beautiful . i've even compared multiple samples of same outdoor location with these cams :

nikon 5200/5300/7100, Fujifilm X-A1/x20 ,Sony nex 5n/nex 3n,Olympus E-PM2/e-m1

some of the e-m1 shots are amazing in color and detail and noise,

X-A1 is very good ,nice and beautiful colors and good detail , not much detail like e-m1.

nikon 5200/5300/7100 : the colors are not sharp, grayish and not beautiful at all in all samples.

even in dpreview's Studio Test Scene tool when u load nikon 5200 vs Fuji's or Oly's mirrorless in iso like 100,200,400,800 jpeg mode the difference in colors and noise are obvious and nikon's are very grayish and noisy compared to fuji's and oly's.

just check in studio scene tool and see how much Oly's om-d em5 is better than expensive dslr's like nikon 7000/D600.

this behavior is just so much in contrast with reviews.

i wanna know witch is correct or anything else:

1.samples are correct, and the colors and beauty of shots are better in default lens of fuji/oly compared to nikons

2.sapmles are misleading. the person who shots the samples didnt set the setting of nikons.the colors will get like fuji/oly when you change the options of nikon.the grayish noisy shots are becuase of the default setting of most dslr's.

3.its not fault of the cam itself. its because of the default lens is not good. when u get a better lens the shots gonna be like fuji/oly

4.its because of jpeg's of nikon cams. if u get jpeg from raw's in software tool its gonna be like fuji/oly.

or .... ?

i really need help to make a decision , because i'm not going to change my new cam for a long time.


Fujifilm X-A1 Nikon D5200 Nikon D5300 Olympus E-M1
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