Thinking of leaving Fuji

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Re: Thinking of leaving Fuji

Joachim, I had a major problem, and still do, with the appearance of dslrs. In fact, unless mirrorless cameras came out, I shot with an Lx3. The fuji I loved at first, but then my photographic interests diversified. To be quite honest, I think its hard not to carry two cameras now, something for action, like the D7100, hence why I'd love the x100s successor when its a big snappier.

We are also in a unique time, though, I think for innovation and competition and that leads to chopping and changing more, say, between 2007 and 2010 or something like that. Now soon as the Xt1 is released the a6000 is announced, which looks to blow its AF out of the water. And after that an a7 sucessor will have the AF in it. Where Fuji kicks ass is of course the lenses, particularly at the wide end.

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