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Re: Well, certainly not for lack of effort!

zenpmd wrote:

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zenpmd wrote:

I really want to love them, and in some ways I do, but I remain frustrated. I have owned and sold the xe1, x pro 1, x100s and I am about to return the Xt1.

The xe Fuji cameras are the best I think. They are without the ergonomic quirks of the x pro 1 (no diopter, annoying placement of ae lock), smaller and in the case of the xe2 half decent AF. The x100s is still too slow, a bit buggy, especially with the viewfinder eye sensor and battery life/warnings are infuriating for a camera of that cost. The xt1 is really wonderful, feels great in the hand, light, but its expensive for an AF system which, while better, you simply cannot trust 100 percent.

But the real killer for me is how cheap and how good Nikon slrs are now. The d7100 can be had cheap, its bombproof, massive battery life, superb AF, but most importantly of all, if you are a prime shooter, which I largely am, I am get the 35mm, 50mm and 85mm for next to nothing, all of which are super sharp. What I am currently looking into is what to do for primes in the 28-35 range, but I may just have to accept they dont exist and buy the fuji x100s sucessor which I hope will iron out the problems.

Nikon and canon primes are small and cheap...simply put!

I can't believe you've bought and sold that many cameras in such short time! My guess is that you'll buy and sell lots of Nikons, too. Some may say something contentious, like "you need to focus on making images, not cameras." But, I get it - I think buying and selling cameras is part of what makes the hobby fun for you. I do the same thing with lenses. Hopefully, you like the Nikons. Good luck!

not only bought and sold, some of these i just used for 30 days from amazon

A serial returner.

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