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Re: RAW and JPG files

I don't have aperture, but I'm pretty sure the basics are the same as LR. I haven't tried to do your yet, but in general in LR for an underexposed photo I want to keep, I:

Crop and rotate, if needed.

Increase exposure (to bring up the whole photo) I don't worry too much on blowing out highlights at this point.
Increase shadows (to bring up the shadows)
Decrease blacks (to increase contrast)

Then depending on if the exposure blew out the highlights or not on upping the expose, I decrease/increase highlights, and sometime adjust the whites. (I readjust the exposure, etc, a little, as they're all related, and it's pretty quick.)

Once I get within ballpark of the lights and shadows, I move to WB. WB can be a pain, especially since I'm partially red/green color blind, so I always compare the camera's "as shot" WB with LR's auto WB and with LR's day, shadow, and tungsten WBs, and almost always (for underexposured indoor shots) decide I need to adjust by eye. (Unless there's a white/grey color in the photo to use for auto sampling)

Then comes clarity (micro contrast), contrast, vibrance, and satiation, and adjust to taste. I usually keep these minimal adjustments, but I don't do food very often.

Noise, sharpness, and clean ups are last, and usually are the longest time for me. The above usually take 2-5 minutes (half being the WB). Balancing noise vs sharpness is razor sharp for me, and depends on what the final output will be. My general first pass at noise and sharpness is 15 seconds, but fine adjustments can take a couple minutes. Shot removal, object removal, gradient and radial filters, and local adjustments, if needed, take the longest. And I rarely use split toning or individual color adjustments, so they take a long time, too.

Anyway, adjusting just the exposure is usually not enough. Which is why everyone said getting it as good as possible OOC is the first step to proper PP. (Cool test project, though. Thanks for posting it. I'll see if I can try my hand at it later, but I'd guess the couple posts are better than I can do in a couple minutes.)

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