Sharpest 24mm prime to go on a D610

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The answer isn't a prime...

I'm a wide angle freak. I'm really "hard" on them as the D800E I use shows no mercy with them. (I also shoot a D610). So keep that in mind when I offer my answer:

There is NO affordable really sharp 24mm prime. The best option is, IMO, the 24/1.4G AFS Nikkor or the Zeiss 25/2 Distagon (for short to moderate subject distances), but neither of those is affordable by a long shot.

The other prime choices aren't much. The 24/2.8 AFD is mush on the corners - it wasn't professionally sharp even on the 6mp D100 I owned 10 years ago, so forget about it on a D610.

So that means we have to return to the zooms. And surprise of surprises - for ME, I've been downright SHOCKED at how good the little 18-35G f/3.5 - f/4.5 AFS (the newer one) is in the 18-27/28-ish range. No - the lens isn't perfect - it's decidedly WEAK, for sure, at 35mm. It's a dim viewfinder since the lens isn't a fast lens or a 2.8 zoom.  But I shot with it again recently and lived a lot right where you are asking - the 24-27mm range, and it's impressive there if you are willing to stop it down a bit (which you'd have to do anyway) - quite so considering the price.

So if you want really good 24mm performance and don't mind a wide zoom with flexibility and can handle a dimmer viewfinder and a slower aperture, plus are wiling to stop it down a bit, (and you tape the zoom ring so it never hits 35mm), this one is an easy and affordable answer in my mind.


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