Tamron 24-70mm F/2.8 and Canon 5DMIII

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Tamron 24-70mm F/2.8 and Canon 5DMIII

I replied to a post over in the 3rd party lens section a few days ago but no reply I'm trying my luck here.

I read quite a bit about this lens before buying it for both Canon and the Nikon version. It sounded like a great lens despite people needing to return it often more than once for a good copy.

I want it to replace my 24-105mm which I've always been happy with. But, quality wise I've been blown away by the quality I get from this Tamron.However, something about this lens just does not feel right.  First of all I needed to do a bit of micro adjusting (-5,-5) for back focusing.  In my testing with this lens I've been very careful with my shooting  (more so than my normal shooting with my 24-105) trying to really make sure I get my center point on the subject.

I shoot mostly street and events, and I admit I'm a fast shooter with my 24-105, but I'm usually satisfied with the results I get from it. With the Tamron, and shooting as carefully as i can, I seem to be getting more soft or out of focus images (even using higher shutter speeds than normal) i wonder if this has anything to do with the VC? maybe its still adjusting as i take the picture?

But, the main thing I'm noticing is the aperture (I have since read this is NIKON issue?)  It really seems like whatever aperture I'm using its using a few stops below it. And regards to the focusing, it has a very unforgiving feel to it. As I said I have been careful and steady with my aim, but on those times where my center point doesn't hit right on the subject, what I'm noticing is the aperture doesn't bail me out at all. I've had images shot at F/4 to F/8 where the DOF should have helped keep most of, or more of the image in focus but its like its at LESS than F/2.8!!

I've compared some images from my Canon 24-105mm at f/4 and F/4.5 at 70mm to the Tamron at f/5 at 70mm subjects shot at the same distance, and there is a clear different in the DOF and the bokeh. The Tamron more resembles my Canon 50mm F/1.4! The DOF is very very shallow, and thats at F/5! Once I did this comparison it was proof enough to me, the picutres said it all. It doesn't seem to be like this all the time, its erratic.

I'm just a causal photographer but this doesn't make sense to me the results I'm getting. The exposures seem ok I'm not noticing anything wrong at different apertures exposure wise with the Tamron. But the way the aperture is behaving is really standing out to me. I've since been trying to search more about this but all I can find is it being a problem on the Nikon side regarding some sort of lever. I don't know.

With all I've been reading about this lens I really don't even know if I want to return it for another one. In the back of my mind I'm just going to always think I'm using a defective lens. I've never been a fan of 3rd party lenses and prefer to stick to the original manufactures, but I heard good things about this particular lens. Took a chance. As of now, I have no confidence using this lens at all, not just the apertures but the focusing seems a bit dicey also, even shooting stationary objects.

I really couldn't afford this lens, but now I'm wondering if I should some how try and get my hands on the Canon 24-70MII, I know what I'm getting with that and will have the confidence to know it will work well out of the box. I just hate that it has no IS.

Anyway, has anyone experienced anything I've mentioned about regarding the apertures? I'd appreciate any advice/feedback anyone has.



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