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Re: Need a calibrator

Zoom71 wrote:

Hi guys. I've bought a 23" IPS monitor (HP) and i'm looking for a calibrator. I'm debating between ColorMunkie Display and Spyder4Pro. I'm just an amateur. Which of these two models do you recommend me?

I use a Spyder4Express with my 24" Asus PA248Q. It seems to work well. This monitor comes custom calibrated from the factory with a test sheet, and the Spyder calibration only changes it by an insignificant amount. I take this to mean both the monitor and calibrator are accurate.

The only limitations I know of for the Express model is that it can only calibrate one monitor on your computer. If you use two monitors then it can't handle it and is not suitable. The second limitation is more minor. It does not measure monitor brightness so you have to set it manually before you start the calibration. I use a nominal graph of brightness vs % setting to approximate 120 cd/m2. The exact setting suitable is dependent on your environment so it is somewhat subjective in any case. There is probably no perfect setting.

No regrets in selecting the Spyder4Express for my needs.

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