Why all the negativity over the G1X mk2?

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Re: Why all the negativity over the G1X mk2?

I was hoping for a GX7 like camera with an attached/in built EVF,  and I still think that this should have happened. The EVF monopolises the hot shoe, and as the flash cannot utilise the Canon wireless flash system it doesn't fill me with enthusiasm. Now that said, and as it is a preference of mine, there is or are work arounds for that. I cannot see the G1X II giving worse IQ than the GX1,and that is very good, so assuming it will be better and combined with a small package and a reportedly good lens the G1X II should be an excellent camera. I add the proviso that the actual focusing time has been reduced. Canon were aware of the discontent over this and so I guess that they will have gone a long way to remedy that discontent. I like the G1X a lot but it just missed my want list as a means of unloading my DSLR kit for it. The G1X II seems a lot closer and after reviews might just be the catalist for the DSLR demise.

No camera is perfect, commom knowledge, and neither will this one be, but Canon have made an offering which encompasses a lot of abilities. I doubt that it will surpass even the entry level SLRs, but I fully expect it to surpass any other G camera or high end enthusiast compact. For the price it ought to. The price is also a stumbling block, untill the street price takes effect, but it will be a long time before the EVF price drops (I think).

I have to say that untill sites such as Dpreview and Imaging Resource give an in depth assesment there is little point in chasing the dragon over what this camera is or isn't, and it's too expensive to buy on a whim. Finally, I think that the G1X II is not what many were wanting or expecting, maybe a mini Fuji XE 2 or Panasonic GX7 was hoped for. And so untill the reviews arrive I really hope that the G1X II delivers enough IQ and speed for me to lighten the load. This is an opinion is all.

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