Thinking of leaving Fuji

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Re: Thinking of leaving Fuji

Most of my photography is done on trips, most of them international, where you rarely if ever know the conditions or requirements before hand.  I have used Canon SLR's and compacts (5DMKII, T3i, G12, 10, 9 and G1x, Olympus, Panasonics and Fuji's.

All cameras have trade-offs, not as much now as there used to be they still exist.  For the 5DMKII it was the weight of the camera and a bag of glass on tour for hours day after day.  With many other earlier cameras it was either color rendition, digital noise and lack of abilities at higher ISO, image stabilization, etc.  Recently image stabilization is top rate, and ISO ability has improved dramatically almost regardless of brand. I though the Canon G 1X took remarkable images but was so poorly laid out for me and so clumsy to operate it had to go. ...  but that is a person thing.

I have the X Pro 1 and it's not perfect, but the trade offs to me ...  but my perception of the major trade-offs..  short battery life, is acceptable to have the level of IQ it provides for the carrying weight.  The new grip (2nd one, first one was drilled wrong) helps that issue.  Frankly, I would like better glass from Fuji.  I'll admit the kit glass is great, but it is not pro quality, which I understand comes with additional $$.

It's not perfect, but nothing is.

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