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Re: Thinking of leaving Fuji

zenpmd wrote:

I really want to love them, and in some ways I do, but I remain frustrated. I have owned and sold the xe1, x pro 1, x100s and I am about to return the Xt1.

The xe Fuji cameras are the best I think. They are without the ergonomic quirks of the x pro 1 (no diopter, annoying placement of ae lock), smaller and in the case of the xe2 half decent AF. The x100s is still too slow, a bit buggy, especially with the viewfinder eye sensor and battery life/warnings are infuriating for a camera of that cost. The xt1 is really wonderful, feels great in the hand, light, but its expensive for an AF system which, while better, you simply cannot trust 100 percent.

What are your quirks with the AF of the X-T1?
If you think Nikon is cheap, then I can only say the grass might look greener on the other side of their fence. But once you walk over their grass you'll soon find out that its not that green as you might have thought.

All camera's have their small little problems and no camera is perfect, but as far as the AF of the X-T1 its nearly as good as any prosumer DSLR. I won't say it beats the AF of my D800, but it comes very close... Knowing the D7100 has a lesser AF system I think the difference between the AF of the 7100 and the X-T1 are probably on par.

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