Sony A7R: What options for 24mm?

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Mel Snyder
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Re: Sony A7R: What options for 24mm?

Grafix Inredning wrote:

Mel Snyder wrote:

I will wait till Sony introduces the reputed 16-35mm, which - if as good as I hope - could be welded to my A7

Yep, mine will too, if it's any good. I shoot mostly shop interiors using a tripod and 24-25mm is where I shoot most pictures. I've been looking for a good 24-25mm alternative for the A7, but there's no alternative that stands out.

I have a Sony E 10-18 that is a great perfomer on a Nex, but I find it a little limited on a A7. Too much distortion, sure that can be fixed with a custom Lightroom profile, but it leads to resampling and cropping and the corners are/get a bit soft/smeared.

Prices for good legacy lenses are too high, a Leica R 24/2.8 costs over 400 euro, Contax 25mm the same, Minolta Rokkor 24/2.8 around 300 euro (but seems to be more rare). The best price/performance seems to be canon Fd(n), 100-200 euro for the 24/2.8 but the excellent F2 version is hard to find and more expensive. Since I don't have to pay VAT, a NEW Zeiss Distagon ZF.2 25mm and Biogon ZM 25mm are "only" about 700 euro. I'd rather buy a new Zeiss for 700 euro with warranty than an old Contax/Leica of unknown quality.

One of the reason that I sold the DSLR and bought the A7 was size, that's why I'm considering the Zeiss ZM Biogon 25/2.8 instead of the larger Distagon 25mm. Also, the Distagon is not one of Zeiss's better lenses but the Biogon is considered one of the best and probably easier to sell when something better emerges. If anyone have tried the Zeiss ZM 25/2,8 on A7/A7r, please share your experiences (and pics)!

Since I shoot on a tripod and stopped down, corner smearing and tinting does not seem such a big problem, not from the samples I've found:

Have you tried putting any wide angle Biogon on your A7?

I own a Russian knockoff LTM-mount 35mm f3.5 Biogon design that I couldn't use on my NEX-6 because the rear element hits the baffle. There's no baffle in the A7, but that non-retrofocus rear element would be VERY close to the sensor and, I would think, cause the problems cited for similar non-retrofocus RF lenses on the A7/r.

I do own the Canon FDn 24mm f2 - owned it since new for use on my T90 and F1 for shooting in operating rooms back in the film era. It's very sharp but, with adapter, pretty big and heavy for travel. The one "big and heavy" slot in my travel is already spoken for by my 17mm Tokina (see example in this thread).

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