Tennis - ATP Visit Panama Challenger 2014

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Re: Tennis - ATP Visit Panama Challenger 2014

CE Barnes wrote:

wasserball wrote:

Hello. I assume you want CC, so here it goes. My guess you were using a 70-200mm from the stands. A lot photographers feel they need to capture the entire player. Well, the result is you will get a lot of background distractions, and not much of the expression of the player making the shot. Sure, a few of them should include information of the location of the match, maybe even the advertisers of the event. But, most of the time, try capturing the action...expressions, ball on racket, the reach and extension of the arm.

In your situation, I would shoot at 200mm, and crop the photo tightly.

Hi wasserball,

Yes, I was using a 70-200 as it was a small stadium. I did not want to go down to the ground floor to take pictures, so I took them from the stands at the center of the court as this was "just" the qualifying rounds... Since I just wanted to post some pictures including the tournament logo I did take the "full players". I hear what you are saying, nevertheless the young players prefer to have pictures as the ones I posted. Being an avid tennis player, and having kids who play at the competitive level these are just my observations based on past experience.



Fully understand your reasoning. I shoot lower level players where they want to see everything. What I have found from being in the center is that I have the tendency of trying to capture both players, therefore, I swing the camera back and forth. Rather, concentrate on one player, with the sun to your advantage. I find that I get into the rhythm of timing the shot as the player hits the ball.

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