Old olympus 17/f1.8. New 25/f1.8

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Re: Old olympus 17/f1.8. New 25/f1.8

baxters wrote:

Mouldering wrote:

I have 17/f1.8

Is there any reason to exchange it to 25/f1.8 without loss of money?

I'm worried that 25 is not wide already

Only reason to exchange is if you have to live life one lens at a time.

Save your money a little longer and own both.

Totally agree..I've been doing it now for about 60 years and it's quite remarkable, the quality of the better lenses now. In old film days I had to live with just one lens,..but it taught me a lot on how to compose a good pic..and THAT is more than half the secret.  I started with M4/3 about 4 or 5 years ago now and my first lens was the 20mm Pancake..absolutely super I thought..then around 12 months later I had chance of a very good price 14mm Pancake - as SOON as I put it on-camera I was sold on that. It's so much quieter than the 20mm and mostly of course it's just a faster operating lens..faster focus than the 20mm and I used that 14mm continuously for another two years or more. Only recently bought the Oly 17mm f1.8 .. but that is a cracker again...lovely lens to use.. and although it's not that much difference in FL to the 14mm I'd had on regularly..I was surprised that I just had to get used to moving just a little bit differently with the 17mm than with the 14mm to get the pic I had in mind.
But it IS quite correct that if you generally prefer this sort of FL range in lenses.. you really do need to have available at least maybe a couple of them..no one lens is always going to suit some occasions .. and anyway it's enjoyable to have a couple or so lenses that you CAN make use of when it happens to be a better choice for one or other - I suspect in your case maybe the 25mm (for old style 50mm shots..ALWAYS regarded as the most suited) .. or what I'd think of as maybe either the Pannie 14mm (I love this one) or the Oly 17mm.. both very good indeed ..and certainly different enough alongside the 25mm.  At a pinch..you CAN do longer distances with a 17mm...you just can't very well do SHORT distances (small spaces) with a 25mm  !!

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