Sold my 5DMkII and ordered the 6D, was it the right decision? What do you mean?

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Re: Sold my 5DMkII and ordered the 6D, was it the right decision? What do you mean?

Hi, thank you for your contribution too.

Would 20 years of shooting slides in the past be enough in your opinion to open my eyes? I would appretiate if you could comment also on this. I'm sure you will tell me the "truth".

I have 3 films cameras right now. Would they be enough to do more exercises?

If not, then I'll continue shooting slides - as I do - with my Linhof Technika.

But in this thread I don't really want to discuss about analog photography which is a very interesting topic indeed.

BTW: What's wrong in asking if the 6D is in certain aspects better than the 5D2?

biza43 wrote:

torppapa wrote:

Thank you very much. You contribution was a big help ! I'll do as you wrote.

Beserk wrote:

I usually do my research and ask questions before making a purchase.

So are you looking to obtain some "comforting" posts telling you that you made the right decision? The above reply is obvious, you should think and evaluate properly before buying... The 5DMKII is a great camera, the 6D is a great camera too of course. DR is important, but much more important is getting experience in how to overcome one's cameras limitations.

You want to quickly learn how to properly expose? Buy a cheap film camera and a few rolls of slide film, that will open your eyes...

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