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Re: Australia travel tips

Dovey wrote:

As well, you get to meet the most poisonous snakes in the world, I could not believe it when I finally got to see the Small Scaled or Fierce Snake. Less than 1% of a bite is enough to kill a man, yet the snake handlers pick up the buggers and play with them.

I assume Dovey is still referring to the park! Well, at least for the Fierce Snake (aka Inland Taipan)

which is found mainly in the Channel Country of the far outback.

You may be lucky and sight other snakes (Brown, Tiger, Copperhead ) in the wild - all should be considered deadly but they're mostly very timid; don't be tempted to "play" with them, they don't "understand"      Just look where you're walking.

Enough snake talk, sounds like a fantastic trip in store.

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