Sold my 5DMkII and ordered the 6D, was it the right decision? What do you mean?

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Re: Sold my 5DMkII and ordered the 6D, was it the right decision? What do you mean?

Timbukto wrote:

IMO the Canon 6D has much improved DR over the 5Dmk2. Without using DxoMark numbers I rate the Canon 6D as having DR similar to some of the better APS-C sensors. Visually my 6D was about as good as the Nikon D3200 if not better in lack of banding. 7100 is supposed to have high DR but supposedly also has a banding tendency greater than say a D7000.

5Dmk2 is avg DR with high banding characteristic. 6D i would say is above avg DR with little to no banding characteristic and one of the best in the Canon line. D6/800s are the best DR with no banding characteristic. And supposedly the 7100 is good DR but it does have some banding characteristic, (at least was often mentioned initially). Banding is not something really factored into DxoMark scores as it is more subjectively negative a characteristic than a measured one based on std dev or whatever of noise.

So in summary the cream of the crop is to have high DR with no banding. The worst combination is to have limited DR and tendency of banding. And more middle of the road would be anything in between.

So in a sense the 6D may be around your d7100 maybe slightly better or worse depending on when banding appears. The 7100 probably does much better on dxomark but banding is not really accounted for there. If you find your d7100 is banding free it probably out does the 6D at low ISO shadow lifts. I never shot a 7100, but my 6D was easily as good as the d3200 which was closer to a 13EV Dr camera.

Thank you for your contribution I appreciate.

For the cameras I know I agree with you. My D7100 shows the banding issue, unfortunately also at mid/low ISOs, but only in certain situations which I couldn't yet figure out what certain means in this cases - i.e. I see banding issues rarely.

For the 5D2 I agree: bad shadow lifting, banding and blotchy color spots in lifted shadows.

It is also interesting that you say, the 6D will do as good as better APS-C sensors - I agree, but it is still interesting, since we are speaking about a full frame camera announced in 2012 (whose sensor is still manufactured with a 10 years old 0.5 micron technology. Not that the newer sensor technology from canon gives that much hope for better DR, see the 70D's 40 MP sensor).

Well, I'm excited to see the results, since I have still mixed feelings about the sample pics which you can download from different sites.

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