Seeking shooting tips for the theater environment

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re: any tips HOW to muffle a shutter sound?

neil holmes wrote:

jpr2 wrote:

in theatrical environment, a loud shutter is a particular bane, and neither Nex'en nor A7s are of particularly silent kin

Seated concerts with an older audience of course can be treated almost the same as theatre but you especially have to be mindful of the paying public in a theatre show.

And for NOT forget the earplugs.

nay, for my type of concerts no earplugs are ever needed - classical & chamber music, soft jazz, ballet, and of course theater.

So indeed, we are almost always seated/paid audience = thus a whisper shutter is sort of mandatory. And yet... the only cameras around with a true whisper shutter are RX-1/RX-1r - alas with ridiculously short (in this particular context) tiny-weeny 35mm


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